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Potential Forecast:
Chance Out of 1
Value Of Named Competitor
Your Valuation
Expected Value
Chance Of Total Insolvency
Chance Of Getting Funds Returned After Failure
Chance Of Pivot To Something Worth Current Value
Chance Of Becoming Worth The Nearest Worst Competitor
Chance of reaching best competition level
Chance of reaching best in market
CBC (California Business College) Investors Equation:
Create web calculator for it (or even a notion table would probably work)
Chance of failure completely: *0
Chance of pivot to something worth current value: *1
Chance of getting funds returned *1
Chance of nearest worst competitor *(your their valuation / your valuation)
Chance of reaching best competition level *(their valuation / your valuation)
Chance of reaching best in market *(their valuation / your valuation)
Pre-Seed Investment Calculator | By CBC (California Business College)
Name Of Business
The Valuation
Chance Of Total Loss
Chance Of Failure To Launch (Then Funds Returned)
Chance Of Pivot To Something Worth Current Value
Chance Of Becoming As Big As Nearest Worst Competitor
Worst Competitor Valuation
Chance of becoming as big as biggest competitor
Value Of Largest Competitor
Chance of grabbing entire TAM
Value Of Entire Market
This Should Equal 1 (100%) based off chance metrics
Expected ROI
You could also input the data of, if Looksrare level, how likely to become Opensea, and then get a more perfect graph that takes into account prospective value as something grows. Obviously the real world information changes it a bit, but this as a pre-seed calculator is where it’s the strongest. You’re just betting on the founder, in that market basically.
This is why Socialverse is much harder because people see a high percent chance of routing to 0.
Perfect piece of software for VC strategy.
If I can get a bunch of VC’s to use the software to make their investments, I essentially am producing a betting advice league, and get major trust from the mailing list / subscribers. I mean it could even be a SAAS product (value it at an insane rate and give it for free) then a company can be built around it once you have the VC community, or of course funneled to the ecosystem in some form.
Invest in Founder’s who are bad at fundraising. The founder’s who are about to quit, but see why and what they built, and have them explain why they can’t fundraise well. Find Entrepenuer’s not that who failed, but that who are having doubts. The greatest profit comes from derisking the dreamers, and giving them the motivation they need to continue.